Eps 44 #Interview - Brighten Up Family Meal Time with @alissarumseyRD

As we inch towards summer, we tend to seek out meals that are easy to prepare, yet still packed with powerful taste and nutrients. Well, there's a secret ingredient that can help you accomplish all of that!

Florida Orange Juice has long been a staple in the morning, but it's not just for drinking or just for breakfast. Variety is the spice of life and you can tap into 100% orange juice's amazing potential by infusing it into recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

As the Summer months approach, it's time for moms to revamp their menus with options that are kid-friendly AND delicious. And with the majority of Americans falling short of meeting daily fruit intake recommendations, Registered Dietician & Nutrition Coach, Alissa Rumsey, is waking up your recipe routine by delivering easy summer recipes for incorporating Florida Orange Juice into all your family's meals.

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