Eps 54 #Interview with @JasonDorsey - How to Reach #Milennials? #MoneyManagement

Have you ever wondered where millennials go for financial advice? Do they really think social issues are more important than money?

There is a rhythm to how people run their financial lives, but there are also generational differences. Generational trends are shaping the future of banks. Compared to baby boomers or Gen X-ers, when it comes to a career in banking, millennials are more concerned about uninteresting work than low pay. A new research project aims to uncover the hidden generational trends in financial habits and banking relationships, and explores the relationship between millennials and banks.

PegCityLovely chats with Jason Dorsey, a go-to expert and researcher on millennials. He has teamed up with Computer Services, Inc. (CSI), a leading technology provider for financial institutions and businesses, to explore ways that business can better understand millennials' financial habits, as well as explore the differences in the generations.

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